110cc Mini Hammer Kids Atv Quad pocket bikes

110cc Mini Hammer Kids Atv Quad EPA CARB Approved
110cc Mini Hammer Kids Atv Quad EPA CARB Approved
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With the new 110cc Mini Hammer 110 Kids Atv, your child's limitations have disappeared.

Looking for a utility atv for your child that doesn't look like it belongs at Toys 'R Us? You should definitely take a look at our 110cc Mini Hammer Kids Atv. This vehicle is not a toy, rather it's a mechanical beast that will provide your child the power to tear through wilderness like never before.

A quad that's touted to be this high caliber needs some evidence to back it up. Safety is a very important feature and we've got it covered. While drum brakes are the common system for most kids atvs, this 4-wheeler comes standard with hydraulic disc brakes. These are extremely efficient brakes and have a great amount of stopping power. This is essential for young children who may not have a lot of experience.

Another safety feature includes the adjustable throttle limiter. This should make parents feel safe because you can set how fast your child is able to ride. When your child masters the ability to control the vehicle at certain speeds, you can graduate him to a higher speed until he is an expert.

Even at a young age, children can appreciate aesthetics. For this reason, the Mini Hammer comes in a variety of camouflage colors. The variety should cover everyone whether it's a boy or a girl, so you have no excuse not to buy your child one based on the color choices. The only problem with these colors is that no matter what setting you live in, your child will probably be able to blend into the surroundings.

The only thing that might be holding you back is if you live in California. Many brands of Atvs do are not California Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B.) approved, so they are not legal to operate. This inexpensive quad happens to be approved, so that means no matter what state you live in, it is perfectly legal to own and operate this vehicle.

    Recommend for ages 6-12:
    Age recommendations are suggestions only. Check with your local authorities for laws in your specific areas as they differ in each state, county and city ordinances.
    16 x 8-7 Powerwheels:
    Any 4 wheeler will be much safer with any feature that supports better traction and ground clearance. The 110cc Mini Hammer 110 Kids quads are equipped with the larger 16 x 8-7 tires on both the front and the rear. These tires are specifically designed to give better traction, safer ride and higher ground clearance of over 3 inches which will allow your child an additional 1-2 years of use.
    Remote Safety Shut-Off Switch:
    This quad also comes with a remote shut-off switch. This will ensure the safety of your child as you can shut the engine off even when the vehicle is not within reaching distance.
    Adjustable Throttle Limiter:
    Another saftety feature to limit the engine power as your child develops his or her riding skills.
    110cc 4-Stroke Engine:
    This model has the 110cc 4-Stroke Engine which provides power and simplicity. No mixing, no hassle. Just fill it up and begin the fun!
    Air Cooled:
    110cc Mini Hammer 110 Kids 4 wheeler has an air-cooled engine designed to prevent overheating. There will be no worries about overheating or extra engine maintenance with this atv for kids.
    Automatic Transmission:
    110cc Mini Hammer 110 Kids quads have a great feature for kids, automatic transmission! Young kids of all ages really love this quad because it is so fun and simple to ride.
    Electric Start:
    The electric starting system on the 110cc Mini Hammer 110 Kids Atv makes this 4 wheeler user-friendly for all ages. This electric starting system makes it simple for kids to use in any condition.
    This 110cc 4-wheeler has both high and low beams for the ultimate safety while riding at night.
    Tail Lights:
    Another great safety feature for night riding are the tail lights and brake lights on this 110cc quad. You will never lose sight of your child as he or she is riding.
    Independent Suspension:
    This model has double swing arms and independent suspension providing safe and comfortable ride.
    Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes:
    The 110cc Mini Hammer 110 Kids Atv is equipped with disc brakes on the rear which provide a very strong stopping power for kids which creates added safety when riding this Atv.
    25" Seat Height:
    110cc Mini Hammer 110 Kids Atvs have a size that is perfect for any kids 6-12 years old. The 25" seat height is a feature that will make kids feel more secure while riding.
    Narrow Seat:
    The long, narrow seat that comes with this 4 wheeler allows extra movement while riding which will contribute to a very balanced and secure ride.
    Full Size Compact Chassis Design:
    The compact design contributes to a very low center of gravity allowing the rider to steer accurately and efficiently. The full size design of the chassis allows a very comfortable ride for all-day riding.
    California C.A.R.B. Approved Legal in all 50 States:
    This quad is registerable and legal in all 50 states including California.
    The 110cc Mini Hammer 110 Kids Atv has every feature to help kids have a fun and safe ride. The adjustable speed limiter, electric starting system, and automatic transmission make these Atvs fun and easy for kids to ride and offer peace of mind to the parents who are worried about safe vehicles. The 4 stroke air cooled engine provides a reliable quad that your family can count on. The larger tires and upgraded suspension offer any rider a very comfortable ride. And, these quads are California C.A.R.B. approved! This Atv is safe, comfortable, reliable, and fun for any kids to ride.

All riders under 16 should ride with adult supervision. All riders should take a safety course. Atvs, dirt bikes, go karts, scooters and mopeds can be hazardous to operate. For your safety, always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing. Never engage in stunt or extreme riding. Riding and alcohol/drugs don't mix. Avoid excessive speeds. Be particularly careful on difficult terrain. Remember, Atv, dirt bike, go kart, scooter and moped riding is more fun when you play by the rules.

For safety precautions, all vehicles must be assembled, inspected and maintained by a certified technician for warranty to be valid. Be sure to check and tighten all nuts and bolts prior to use. Also, be sure to check for appropriate engine fluid levels to ensure your vehicle is operating under the recommended conditions prior to use.

Price does not include sales tax (CA resident only 8.25%), registration and document fee ($85).

Engine/Drive Train
Displacement: 110cc, 4-Stroke
Horsepower: 6.44 HP
Max Power [kw/(r/min)]: 4.8/8000
Max Torque [n.m/(r/min)]: ?#60;/td> 5.7/6000-65000
Cooling System: Air Cooled
Transmission: Automatic
Drive: Chain Drive
Starter: Electric Start
Ignition: 12V 5 A.H
Top Speed: 25+ MPH (Depending upon Riders Weight and Road Conditions)
Chasis / Suspension / Brakes
Frame: High Strength Steel
Front Suspension: Double Swing Arm, Independent
Rear Suspension: Hydraulic
Rear Brakes: Disc
Front Tires: 16 x 8-7
Rear Tires: 16 x 8-7
Controls / Safety
Lighting: Headlights, Brake Lights
Controls: Thumb Throttle, Brake Lever, Remote Safety Shut Off Switch
Capacities / Dimensions
Weight Capacity: 165 Lbs
Net Weight: 174 Lbs
Fuel Capacity: 1 Gallon
Ground Clearance: 5.5"
Length: 48"
Width: 28"
Height: 33"
Seat Height: 25"
Age Recommendation: 6-12
Free: Free Shipping, Decals, Tool Kit
Government Certifications: EPA Approved, California CARB Approved Red Sticker
Additional Info
Assembly: This Item comes 85% assembled. Some simple assembly required. Be sure to tighten all screws and check for appropriate levels of engine fluid prior to operation.
Warranty: 90 Days










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PURCHASER'S RESPONSIBILITY: You must inspect all equipment before using it and to take full responsibility for assuring that the equipment is in good working order and safe to use. You further understand that you are responsible for damage to equipment. Purchaser understands the nature of motor scooter riding and motorcycle related activities and acknowledges that Purchaser is qualified to operate said motor scooter, and is in proper physical condition to participate in such activity. Purchaser agrees to assume all risks when allowing others to operate Purchaser s scooter. If Purchaser is not familiar with the nature of motor scooter riding, Purchaser should seek professional training before operating a scooter.

INHERNET RISKES: Warring! Scooter riding activities involve the risk and danger of serious bodily injury including, but not limited to, disability, paralysis, dismemberment and death. These inherent risks and dangers may be caused by Purchasers own actions or inactions, the actions or inactions of others, participating or not participating in the activity, the condition in which the activity takes place, or the negligence of others. There may be additional risks, including social and economic loss, either known or unknown to Purchaser, not readily foreseeable, and Purchaser fully accepts and assumes responsibility for all such risks, losses, costs, and damages incurred as a result of Purchaser s participation in scooter riding activity

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